imagine a paperless office

Document management is the process of storing and keeping track of electronic documents related to the different business processes in an organization. This process may also include different types of document formats such as media files and images of scanned original paper documents.
A Document Management System - DMS - enables organizations to manage their documents in an easier, simpler and more secure manner, allowing its employees to track changes and share documents across the company, providing all the required security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.

iFactum helps organizations take full control of their document management process through the adoption of DMS solutions, approached from the business process management perspective, which allows for the clear definition of document workflows and the execution of document centric processes, with the subsequent business performance metrics.

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There are many benefits for an organization that has fully embraced the use of a document management system. Some of them are:

  • Reduction of time to retrieve documents
  • Faster and flexible search of indexed documents
  • Storage space reduction
  • Increased external and internal accountability
  • Redundancy reduction
  • Cost reduction of generating business reports
  • Higher security and document access control
  • Better adherence to retention policies
  • Document recovery in case of disaster
  • Reduction of document handling between various locations
  • Easy evaluation of usage and operational performance, which enables organizations to identify process improvement opportunities that involve modifications of procedures and policies